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Research Centre for Applied Languages and Linguistics


1. The Research Centre for Applied Languages and Linguistics, is a research unit constituted within the Applied Language Studies House, and operates at the Applied Language Studies House, which is its Host Institution.
2. The Centre is not a separate legal entity from the Institute, even though it is scientifically and administratively autonomous.
3. The Centre is constituted for an indefinite period of time.
4. The concretion of the relationship between the Centre and the Institute is remitted to a separate protocol.

Research: Admissions


Project 1 (started in September 2018)

Error Analysis through error mapping (ERRMAP)

Error Analysis of Academic Written English essays


Dyslexia (DELL)

Challenges Dyslexic English language learners face

Project 3 (STARTED IN JANUARY 2019)

Endangered languages
(Glottolog tsak1248)

Corpus analysis of the tsakonian language

Research: Projects


1. The Centre’s major goal is to perform the research and development activities in the fields of Applied Languages and Linguistics as well as in related fields.
2. In the design of its programs, the Centre will pay special attention to those research activities which focus on the rights of all countries around the world.
3. The research and development activities are structured around programs, research lines and research projects.
4. The organization and performance of the centre is guided by the scientific research principles, as well as by the general principles established by the Institute and the proper organs of the Host Institution.

Research: About Us


The Centre’s main aims are:
a) to organize, promote and coordinate scientific research in the fields of Applied languages and Linguistics as well as in other related fields;
b) to disseminate knowledge within its field, namely through information networks; through the editing of publications and the hosting of scientific meetings;
c) to promote the scientific exchange with other institutions and researchers abroad;
d) to create networks of scientific and cultural reach and foster the provision of public services to the community.

Research: Our Mission


Governing bodies
1. The governing bodies of the Centre are the Monitoring Committee, the Scientific Council and the Coordinating Scientific Commission
2. The mandate of the holder of each governing body lasts for three years.
3. The President of the Direction of the Institute is the Chairman of the Centre.

Research: Our Philosophy
Research: Classes


  1. The Monitoring Committee’s task is to follow and, on a regular basis, the performance of the Centre, issuing the opinions and recommendations considered adequate.

  2. The Committee gathers in plenary at least once a year.

  3. The Chairman of the Centre participates in the meetings of the Commission, without voting capacity.


Access to the Linguistics & the Data Acquisition Lab is reserved for the Linguistics students of Greek Higher Education institutions, Members of the RCALL and those taking classes in Applied Language Studies House Teacher Training and Language Centres. The lab is accessible 7 days a week and is open at all times during operating hours. It is available for use when not reserved for classes.

The Linguistics & the Data Acquisition Lab provides access to

  • journals for Language and Linguistics as well as electronic libraries, repositories and directories,

  • a wide range of audio and video recording equipment,

  • analysis software (COMP-PHON project, a grammar development environment for constraint-based phonology and FONOL, a phonological programming language),

  • stimulus presentation software,  

  • other computing and printing resources 

  • 3 laptops for study and data collection

  • 1 portable vocal booth for phonetics and phonology research, as well as for conducting single or small group experiments or interviews 

The Observation Classroom is connected to computer and video capture facilities in the Linguistics Lab to allow easy audio/video data collection, duplication and digitization. 

Research: Services

Contact us

Thanks for submitting!

GREECE  (Applied Language Studies House) 

Headquarters: 31 Kefallinias St, 18345, Athens   

tel. +302104821351 



Branch: 21 Vasileos Irakleiou Street, Thessaloniki, 54623   

tel. +302310275272 & +306973403006


UK (Applied Language Studies House Ltd)

25 Cabot Square, London E14 4QZ, UK
11th floor, Office number 11.094

tel. +44(0)7552119512 | 01503770851




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